Laverne Cox corrects Gayle King on CBS

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Weekend (2011) Dir. Andrew Haigh

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in elementary school john lennon had a homework that asked “what do you want two be when you grow up” and he replied “happy”. the teacher say “you donot understand the assignment” and jjohn lennon said “u dont understand LIFE”. that teacher was albert einstein. reblog if you love god

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i think about this video almost every day

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Tom Haverford going “Nooooo!”: A Supercut

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Parineeti Chopra responds to a male reporter who claims to know nothing about periods (menstrual cycle). [X]

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The Guardian: Any advice for a 21-year-old who hates their job and has the possibility of traveling the world? And has a boyfriend that they like. (This is for a friend.)
Rob Delaney: Go do it. Fuck him. Is he a guy in his 20s? Then he's the least significant type of person on the planet. A male in their 20s? Run in the opposite direction. Nothing he says matters; his fears, his hopes his dreams are garbage. Men in their 20s are the worst thing happening on our planet. Go, go to Uzbekistan, go to South Korea, just go anywhere he isn't because men in their 20s are bad for young women.
The Guardian: So what do women in their 20s do?
Rob Delaney: Masturbate. Date other women for a while. Use men sexually for a while but don't ever invite their opinion or be bound to them in any way.

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